What do we do?

The company’s corporate purpose is the commercialization of products such as apparel, footwear and accessories.

We market both stocks and seasonal products or pre order.

DISTRIGIZA has an important network of clients and suppliers both national and international with which we can guarantee important operations facilitating at all times the logistics and financing of them.

If you have a stock to sell or need to buy some product do not hesitate to contact us.

Logistics and distribution

The DISTRIGIZA logistics area is formed by a young and dynamic team adapted to new technologies. The logistics team has one of the most innovative programs in the management of inventories and Picking nowadays (WMS – Warehouse Management System). DISTRIGIZA is the first Spanish company that has incorporated such software into its operations.

This software is based on reading bar codes primarily EAN, but also adapts to UPC, SKU and own code and can create their own codes of reading and it is designed for full control of any stock indicating their locations within the store and we are able to make the picking and packing of any goods with efficiency and agility by reducing to almost zero errors and shortening the time of preparation.

We work with various transportation agencies what always allowing us select the best option for distribution of our products by setting maximum deadlines.

Who are we?

Distrigiza has a unique team of professionals with extensive experience and fully committed to the project.


Get to know our team

Department of Finance and Administration
Department of Finance and Administration
From left to right: Sandra (General Manager), Silvana (Customer Service), Liz (Invoicing), Mª Carmen (Clerical Assistant) and (no photo) Ana (Accounting department)
Commercial Department
Commercial Department
From left to right: Luis Carlos (Sales and Purchase Department) and Juan (Sales and Purchase Manager)
Logistics Department
Logistics Department
From left to right: Alexis (Warehouse Assistant), Sergio (Storage responsible) and Eduardo (Warehouse Manager)

Corporate Social Responsibility

DISTRIGIZA is an entity aware that environmental sustainability, the proper use of natural resources, conservation of ecosystems and social work.

This social responsibility is a value that our company feels like himself, and not an action we perform only in order to obtain other related advantages.

Below, we summarize the activities and actions that we do and that with which we contribute to improve our community and society.

Where we are?

We have extensive and modern facilities (200m2 of office space and 700 m2 of warehouse). Our facilities are located at the following address:

Calle Aeronáutica, 6


28923 Alcorcón


Get in touch

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You can also contact us

Phone: +34 91 199 60 86

E-mail: info@distrigiza.com